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cream cheese fruit dip recipe

cream cheese fruit dip recipe


 This cream cheese fruit dip recipe is really easy to make, and the cinnamon apple slices are… well, apple slices! Not much to it then. You can make this delicious fruit dip recipe the day before your barbecue. Keep it in the fridge until you are ready to serve. It’s […]

Chicken and Bacon Skewer Recipe

Porky Pig Meets The Rooster


 Enjoy this Chicken and Bacon Skewer Recipe. Our guests love this, and they are so good. Get your Bacon Crispy and your Chicken Succulent. Great recipe to go on skewers as kebabs or kabobs, this is easy to prepare recipe.   Print Chicken and Bacon Skewer Recipe Prep Time 30 […]


How to make bread


 Have you ever made some whole wheat bread? Maybe not. You may think it is to long to prepare. It really isn’t difficult. You will need a little practice. Did you know that you would get as much fiber in one piece of whole wheat bread as you would in 8-9 […]

cooking tips
Cooking Tips

Home Cooking tips


 Vegetables have an abundant supply of vitamins and minerals that are essential to the life of each cell and thus for optimum health and pleasant dispositions. For nutrition, the chief purpose for eating vegetables is the high vitamin and mineral content. The following steps in preparation I present here will […]