Switzerland is the country of chocolate – Toblerone, Lindt & Spruengli, just to mention the most famous chocolate brands. For this recipe, I recommend Swiss baking chocolate from Lindt. The Swiss chocolate cake is easy to make and is a wonderful cake for the holidays or any festive event.

Swiss Chocolate Cake


  • 200 gr butter
  • 6 separated eggs
  • 200 gr sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 200 gr Swiss baking chocolate
  • 50 gr Kirsch 1 shot glass
  • 250 gr loose crumbled bread


  1. - Mix butter with sugar until it is creamy in use a mixer.
  2. - Then add the egg yolks slowly one after the other, add Vanilla and crumbled bread.
  3. - Melt the chocolate in using the double-boiler method which is:
  4. Use a medium saucepan and an oven-safe dish which can float in the pan.
  5. Add enough water into the saucepan, place the dish so that it will float without
  6. touching the bottom of the pan. Heat the water and put the dish inside. Break
  7. the chocolate into pieces so it fits into the dish.
  8. (Using microwave: Break the chocolate into small pieces and add them into a
  9. microwave safe bowl. Calculate 1 minute per ounce, every 30 seconds check if
  10. chocolate is melting, stir it with a spatula so it gets evenly melted.)
  11. - Stir the chocolate several times per minute, it should not start to stick to the
  12. bottom and should melt evenly. Remove it from the heat when chocolate has
  13. melted.
  14. - Mix Kirsch into the melted chocolate and stir gently. Let it cool down a bit and
  15. mix it to the buttercream.
  16. - With a mixer beat the egg yolks foamy. Add the egg white to the mix.
  17. - Grease a springform slightly with butter and add the mixture.
  18. - Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees F and bake the cake on 325 degrees for about 50
  19. minutes to 1.5 hours.
  20. - Do the test by using a metal stick or knife and poke it into the cake. If
  21. no batter sticks, then it is done.
  22. - Let it cool off on a rack upside down.
  23. - Sprinkle some powdered sugar through a doily on the top of the cake or if you
  24. like.


  1. - Sprinkle some powdered sugar through a doily on top or
  2. - add a thin layer of pure, and without sugar, cocoa powder or
  3. - whip heavy cream and squeeze some swirls onto the top.